5 Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Window Cleaner

man on scaffold performs window cleaning

a red squeegee cleaning a window You always want your house to look clean and beautiful. So, you maintain your garden, mop your floors, clean your driveway but you always forget an important part of your property – your windows! Have you ever pay attention to your windows to see how negatively they affect the look of your home if you don’t take care of them?

In addition to ruining the look of your beautiful property, unclean windows packed with dirt and grime can reduce your energy efficiency by blocking sunlight from penetrating into your home and warming its internal environment. Atmospheric contaminants, if not removed from windows be cleaning them, can eat away the glass and corrode the window frames.

Most importantly, dirt and grime are always accompanied by harmful microbes which can cause severe health problems to the property dwellers. These are just some of the reasons due to which you must consider cleaning your windows on a regular basis.

However, cleaning windows on your own is a really hectic job. Would you like to spend your whole day doing this laborious job with a water bucket in your hand and still not getting the desired results in the end? Moreover, you will be at a high risk of falling and getting injured since you possess neither the equipment nor the skill of a professional window cleaner (like the guys from nickswindowcleaning.ca). But don’t worry, the professionals are always there to help you!

If you’re still not convinced, we’ve put together 5 important benefits of hiring a professional window cleaning service.

Window cleaning is hectic

long reach pole cleans a windowCleaning windows on your own is an extremely tiring task, especially the exterior of windows where you don’t even have a proper place to stand up. Scrubbing the window panes and window frames will make you feel like you have lost your both arms. And don’t forget that bucket of water which you’ll be carrying all the time, even while climbing the ladders.

Why engage yourself in all this fuss when you can easily book a professional online. And who doesn’t like a relaxing weekend after a busy week at work?

Spot free windows

If you’re trying to clean your windows by yourself, even if you try your best, you will end up with spots and stains on your window panes because you are not a pro. You can never ever clean your windows without leaving behind smudges and streaks.

No matter how much you try, you will end up with cloudy and hazy windows since you don’t have the skill of a professional. Professionals are highly trained individuals who have spent thousands of hours on their job and, believe me, they are the only one who can clean your windows to a spotless condition.

Time taking

Cleaning windows on your own is not only hectic but is also extremely time-consuming. You have various plans on weekend but what if only window cleaning eats up many hours of your day and you still don’t get the results you were expecting. We know how you’ll feel!

So, don’t waste your time over something you aren’t capable of or even interested. Make it simple, call a pro and save your time!

long reach pole cleaning a sky lightLack of equipment

If you’re planning to clean your windows on your own, you’ll not be able to clean them thoroughly since you lack the proper equipment that can clean your windows perfectly. You may use scraping tools that may damage the glass. Using a piece of cloth for cleaning the windows leaves spots and stains making the glass opaque.

Moreover, different windows have different structures so cleaning them requires different equipment and techniques. Professionals have all the tools required for the job, so whether your property has sliding or stationary windows, double-hung or transom windows, pros know how to do their job.

Pro method is safe

If you’re interested in cleaning your windows by yourself then you must not forget the risks associated with the process. When you’re cleaning the exterior of your windows at the higher floors of your property, you’re at a great risk of falling or injuring yourself. Even a minor foot slip can leave you with severe consequences!

Moreover, if you decide to clean your windows by yourself, you can even cause a damage to your property. You don’t know what chemicals and cleaning agents work best against various types of surfaces, only professionals know that.

Window glass is quite expensive and a small mistake from your side can wreak havoc. As a result, you will end up spending more on the repairs than what you were planning to save by doing this job yourself.

So, if you want your windows to look clean and last longer, you must hire a professional window cleaner. Hiring a professional window cleaning service is undoubtedly a profitable investment, one that will make your life easier!

Window Cleaning, An Important Part of Home Maintenance

window cleaning top priority for home maintenance

Do you know your windows can last much longer if you take good care of them? Yes, you heard that right. You could have saved that cash you spent for replacing your window pane if only you had taken good care of it in past!

With time and use, everything which is a part of your property deteriorates causing problems that may initially be insignificant, but if left unattended could cause severe issues in the longer run. Considering the importance of home maintenance and the benefits associated with it, homeowners are quick to maintain their gutters, drainage and HVAC systems, but the area of maintenance that usually gets ignored is our windows.

We don’t pay much attention to the maintenance of our windows although their maintenance isn’t less important as compared to that of mechanical, electrical and communication systems – which are maintained on a regular service schedule. And the interesting thing is windows are extremely easy to maintain, all you need to do is keep them clean!

Cleaning your windows on a regular basis is the one and the only way to maintain them in a properly working state as well as in a clean and clear condition.

Cleaning your windows lasts them longer

Windows cover a major portion of the external walls of a home and are, hence, greatly affected by the pollutants present in the air including dirt, grime as well as many other contaminants. Once these contaminants start depositing on the surface of the glass, they make their way into it due to its porous structure. As a result, the glass starts deteriorating which makes it weaker and less transparent. Such glass not only loses its aesthetical appeal but is also more likely to shatter even from a small hit. In addition to it, the acidic agents present in the atmosphere causes etching of the glass, a process in which the outermost layer of glass fades away.

Once the glass has deteriorated, you have no other option but to replace the whole window pane which is not only costly but also inconvenient. The only way to stop this deterioration is to clean the windows and remove all contaminants from their surface.

In addition to improving the longevity and strength of glass, cleaning the windows also benefits other parts of the window by removing the deposited oxidizing agents. The contaminants and weathering agents can even corrode frames, sills, screens, and seals of the windows thus they need to be removed by a proper wash. If window seals get deteriorated they are likely to develop air leaks. These air leaks allow external air to penetrate the internal environment of your home and negatively affects the energy efficiency of your property. Replacing the leaks is again a tedious and expensive task which could have been totally avoided in the first place by proper maintenance of your window.

Cleaning your windows ensures a healthy internal environment

Moreover, if windows are not washed or cleaned for longer periods of time then the accumulated dirt and grime are much likely to attract various sorts of insects towards it. These insects and bugs are accompanied by micro-organisms which then make their way into the internal atmosphere of your home and can cause severe health problems. Secluded windows, in particular, make a happy habitat for bees, bugs, and hornets. Windows with wooden frames can be susceptible to termite attack which can create massive problems in the longer run. The only way to avoid these dangerous organisms from invading our territories is to put a stop at them in their initial stages by regularly cleaning the windows.

How often must you clean your windows?

An important consideration while carrying out the maintenance of your windows is to know the right frequency needed for their cleaning. Although the usual practice is to clean your inside windows once a year and your outside 2-3 times a year, the most suitable frequency of cleaning your windows depends on your location and surroundings. If you are located in a region which has a high level of air pollution then you are advised to clean your windows or have them cleaned at least after every 2 months. Similarly, if you live in a region where there is an insect problem, you must wash your windows more frequently as compared to a person who lives in a normal region.

Prevention is better than cure

Whatever the case, if you keep your windows clean either by washing them yourself or by hiring professional window cleaners you are on the safe side and can expect your windows to last longer. A little cash and a little effort spent on cleaning your windows will save you a lot of money and a lot of trouble in the longer run. As it has been said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”